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National Finance Center (NFC) Liaison

    NOTE: The National Finance Center (NFC) is the payroll/personnel servicing agency that services the Department of Commerce (DOC) NFC is not authorized to provide information directly to employees of DOC. Employees should address payroll/personnel questions, issues, etc. to their Servicing Human Resources Office. The authorized agency Point-of-Contact in turn contacts NFC on the employee’s behalf.

    Questions regarding User IDs and Passwords for the Employee Personal Page (EPP) are handled through NFC’s Operations and Security Center (OSC). OSC is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and employees can be contact OSC at 1-800-767-9641 or send an email to osc.etix@usda.gov

    • We are here to assist you with any problems with NFC that you are unable to resolve yourself, such as:

        o An NFC system not working properly

        o Problems with processing a document

            § Please do not delete the document until we contact NFC. This way they can look at the document to check the problem

        o Submit your problems/requests via email and please provide as detailed a description as possible

        o The NFC Liaison also processes some change requests directly into the NFCs’ Table Management System (TMGT), such as Earning and Leave Statement messages, etc. All other change requests are coordinated with the NFC through the NFC Liaison.

    • The NFC liaison also:

        o Keeps all users abreast of all NFC notifications and announcements

        o Attend all NFC user groups and CAPPS meetings

        o Assists in coordinating resources between DOC ands NFC for special projects (for example, the up-coming NFC database change).

    • The NFC liaison also serves as the eOPF liaison:

        o As eOPF administrative officers we are your one-stop shop for all eOPF administrative functions, including password resets, new user set-up, and anything access related.

        o We also coordinate the scanning of existing OPFs between DOC and the scanning vendor.

        o Any system problems with eOPF should be reported to the eOPF liaison.

Contact Information:

James Hoebel