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National Finance Center (NFC) Security

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Each DOC bureau has at least 2 Security Access Coordinators (SACs).

You should contact one of your SACs* for the following services. They will investigate your problem/issue and submit it to the appropriate security coordinator:

    • Mainframe Password Resets.

    • Reporting Center Password Resets.

    • New ID Requests.

    • Your ID Has Been Suspended.

    • Any Security Problems with your NFC System Access or Password.

NFC Security Information:

    • The NFC now has a system called SecureAll where Security Officers can reset the Reporting Center passwords. This will speed up the process of Reporting Center password resets.

    • If for some reason your bureau SAC is not available and you have locked yourself out of NFC and need your password reset or an “asuspend” removed, please contact the departmental Security Officer directly.

    • The NFC has instituted new standards for changing mainframe passwords. If you do not adhere to these standards you will get the following cryptic error:

    o "New Password (Change) Invalid - Not Properly Split"

    • NFC Rules for Passwords:

    o Mainframe Passwords Must:

      • Contain at least one number

      • Contain at least one letter (upper case or lower case)

      • Contain one of these special characters between the first and last position: $, @, or #

      • Your password must consist of exactly eight (8) characters

    o Reporting Center Passwords Must:

      • Contain at least one number

      • Contain at least one upper case letter

      • Contain at least one lower case letter

      • Contain at least one of these special characters: !, #, $, %, &, *, -, or +

    o Your password must consist of exactly 12 characters

    o Not be the same as the previous 24 passwords

    o Your password will expire every 60 days

    o Your password will be suspended after five failed login attempts

*Bureau Contact Information

Contact Information:

Marie Waters
(For all security requests and related correspondence)
(For any non-security related correspondence)

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