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Departing Supervisors

Departing Supervisors

When a rating official changes positions or leaves the Department:

    • More than 120 days remaining of the appraisal period, or

    • Less than 120 days remaining in the appraisal period

he or she should complete interim ratings for his or her employees (who served in their current position 120 days) before leaving the position and/or the Department.

In many cases, these interim ratings may become the final rating of record for employees who serve in several positions (for less than 120 days) throughout the remainder of the appraisal period.

In both situations, the departing supervisor must do the following:

    • Request written accomplishments from each employee.

    • Prepare/sign the interim rating for each employee (check interim rating on Summary Rating page of CD-430).

    • Transmit the interim rating to the new supervisor.

    • Discuss the employee’s performance without divulging the interim rating.

    • Notify the employee that the interim rating may be changed by the new supervisor before it becomes final on September 30.