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Performance Management Handbook (Recognition Section) Appendix A

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Appendix A. Guideline for Total Award Recognition

(Performance Awards and Special Acts)

Performance award amounts are limited to 10 percent of basic pay (including locality payments). However, an employee may receive a performance award amount up to the statutory limit of 20 percent (base pay including locality payments). Performance awards between 10 percent and 20 percent must be approved by the Secretarial Officer or Head of the Operating Unit. There is no percentage limit on performance-based awards (i.e., Special Act Awards) except an employee’s total aggregate compensation, by the end of the tax year, may not exceed Executive Level 1.

Note: Special Act Awards, Cash-in-Your-Account Awards, On-the-Spot Awards or Special Operating Unit Awards (e.g., Employee of the Year) do not count toward the 10 percent maximum for performance awards.

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