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CAPS Performance Appraisal

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The Commerce Alternative Personnel System (CAPS) uses a two-level rating system, with Unsatisfactory and Eligible ratings. The most important feature of the system is that it is based on a 100-point scoring system linked to pay for performance. Employees are ranked by performance score within pay pools, and Eligible employees may receive performance pay increases linked to their rankings. Highly ranked employees within a pay pool receive relatively high pay increases, and lower ranked employees receive relatively lower pay increases.

The performance appraisal process is intended to: (1) promote good performance; (2) encourage a continuing dialogue between supervisors and employees on organizational objectives, supervisory expectations, employee performance, employee needs for assistance and guidance, and employee development; and (3) provide a basis for performance-related decisions. The system will more effectively communicate to employees how they are performing in relation to peers, the rewards for good performance, and the consequences of poor performance. For more specific information about operating procedures under CAPS, see the CAPS Resources page or contact your servicing human resources management office.


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