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Advances of Pay - Repayment Agreement

Department Of Commerce

Bonus Service Agreement

Employee: ___________________________ SSN: ___________

Position: ____________________________ Grade: _________

Duty Station:__________________________________________
Bureau: ______________________________________________

Employment Term: _____________________________________

Bonus Type: Recruitment: _____________ Relocation: ________

Bonus Amount: $________________________ % Of Salary_____

In return for the payment of the bonus specified above, I agree to accept the position and the terms of employment specified below.

1) I understand that if the performance of my duties in this position is rated less than fully satisfactory during this period, my employment may be terminated and I shall be indebted to the Department of Commerce for a pro rata share of the bonus for the remaining portion of this service agreement. Such repayment amount will be calculated by dividing the total amount of the bonus by the entire service period (expressed in months). The repayment amount will be this result multiplied by the remaining full months of the service agreement.

2) I understand that if my employment is terminated during the specified period for conduct unbecoming a Federal employee (action taken under 5 C.F.R. 752), I will be obliged to repay a pro rata share of the bonus.

3) I understand that if I accept employment with another organization, including one elsewhere in the Department of Commerce or in another agency of the Federal government, I am obliged to ready a pro rata share amount of this bonus.

Employee Signature: _____________________ Date_________

Manager's Signature: ____________________ Date_________

Second Level Manager’s Signature: ___________________ Date ____

A copy of this agreement must be sent to the servicing human resources management office for inclusion in the Official Personnel Folder.