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Pay for Sunday Work

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This information applies to GS, FP and FWS employees; ES, FE and FO employees are ineligible.

Rate for Sunday Work

An employee is entitled to pay at his or her rate of basic pay plus premium pay at 25 percent of his or her rate of basic pay for each hour of a regularly scheduled Sunday tour which is not overtime work and which is not in excess of 8 hours for each regularly scheduled tour of duty which begins or ends on Sunday up to a maximum of 16 hours. (See 5 CFR 550.171)


Short or partial tour. If a full-time employee's regularly scheduled tour of duty includes a period of service of less than 8 hours, any part of which falls on Sunday, he or she is entitled to Sunday premium pay for the hours worked comprising that period not to exceed the number of hours regularly scheduled for the period, exclusive of overtime.

AWS employees. An employee who works a compressed work schedule (not a flexible schedule) will be paid Sunday premium pay for all scheduled nonovertime hours of a tour that begins or ends on Sunday, the maximum not to exceed the total number of nonovertime hours of two tours. An employee working a flexible tour will be paid according to the basic rule.

First 40-hour employees. An employee whose basic workweek consists of the first 40 hours of work on 6 of 7 days of the administrative workweek, who works on Sunday as one of the 6 days, is entitled to Sunday premium pay for up to 8 hours of such work which is not overtime work.

Effect of Excused Absence and Leave

P.L. 105-61, October 10, 1997, disallows Sunday premium pay for any period when no work is performed, including holidays and periods of paid leave, excused absence with pay, compensatory time off, credit hours, administrative leave, military leave and continuation of pay for an on-the-job injury, or time off as an incentive performance award.

Effect of Compensatory Time, Credit Hours, Holidays

An employee is not entitled to Sunday premium pay when the employee takes compensatory time off or uses credit hours under a flexible work schedule, is excused from the requirement to perform overtime work on a Sunday, or performs no work on a holiday.

Travel on Sunday

An employee who performs compensable travel on a Sunday is eligible for Sunday differential for all nonovertime hours. An employee who travels on Sunday for his or her own convenience is not eligible for Sunday differential.

Relation to Overtime, Night, and Holiday Pay

Premium pay for Sunday work is in addition to premium pay for holiday work, overtime pay, and night pay differential. It is not included in the rate of basic compensation used to compute the pay for holiday work, overtime pay for an EXEMPT employee, or night pay differential.

Recording Hours for Which Sunday Pay is Payable

Sunday pay is credited in 15 minute increments rounded up to the nearest full quarter hour; eight or more minutes must be rounded to the next quarter hour, and less than eight minutes will be considered part of the previous quarter hour.

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