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Patent Examiner 11

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PD No. 40-04--

FACTOR I. Nature and Extent of Performance of Examining Functions:

Incumbent independently performs "Basic" patent examining functions (e.g., planning and conducting the search, applying references to the claimed invention, etc.) with no preliminary instructions from the supervisor. References used to determine whether or not the claimed invention is new and patentable are presented for review.

Incumbent also performs "Advanced" patent examining functions (e.g., the evaluation of special claim constructions, the requirement of restrictions, the recognition and development of probable interferences, etc.) with no preliminary instructions, but all determinations involving such functions receive close review.

Incumbent may perform some "Legal" patent examining functions (e.g., the application of legal precedents, the determination of double-patenting situations) only after obtaining preliminary instructions from the supervisor and all determinations involving legal questions are subject to close review.

Actions prior to final are normally submitted in final form, with references, for close review. Issue cases and final rejections are reported orally and/or submitted in draft form, with references, for close review.

FACTOR II. Contact and Commitment Authority:

Incumbent has no commitment authority. However, the incumbent may participate in interviews with applicant, as part of his/her development, conducted by the supervisor or a higher-graded patent examiner.

FACTOR III. Technological Complexity of Art:

Assignments normally involve responsibility for technological problems which can be solved by the proper application of the fundamental knowledge and techniques of the specialized art.


Factor 1: Level: C: Points: 30

Factor 2: Level: : Points:

Factor 3: Level: : Points:

Total Points: 30

Grade: 11

This position is exempt from coverage under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

(Last Updated: November 4, 1994)

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