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Patent Examiner 05

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PD 40-01--

I. Nature and Extent of Performance of Examining Functions:

Incumbent performs various patent examining tasks of an elementary nature designed Primarily for training purposes. These tasks are intended to orient the incumbent in the application of theory and basic principles to patent examining, as well as to ascertain the incumbent's own interests and aptitudes. Incumbent receives specific and detailed guidance and training in all aspects of work assignments such as studying the technicalities of patent applications, determining whether petitions, oaths and drawings meet formal requirements, conducting novelty searches in specified prior art, and drafting decisions after detailed discussion of the case with the supervisor. Incumbent receives formal classroom instruction in addition to that training provided on the job.

FACTOR II. Contact and Commitment Authority:

Incumbent has no commitment authority

FACTOR III. Technological Complexity of Art:

Assignments serve as basis for training


Factor 1: Level: F: Points: 5

Factor 2: Level: : Points:

Factor 3: Level: : Points:

Total Points: 5

Grade: 5

This position is non-exempt from coverage under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

(Last Updated: November 4, 1994)

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