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Lead Personnel Actions Clerk 07



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The incumbent performs and leads employees in personnel clerical duties for processing personnel actions in the National Finance Center (NFC) personnel/payroll system or in controlling personnel records.


Reviews the full range of SF-52s for completion and confirms their contents as needed. Updates official personnel folders. Follows up on due dates, such as completion of probationary periods. Completes employee requests for changes, such as in health or life insurance coverage. Enters and may change Position Management System (PMSO) data in the NFC personnel/payroll system. Resolves recurring problems and discrepancies, such as reconciling computer records against position descriptions and organizational data. Answers questions regarding employees or pending actions. Performs duties such as computing severance pay, verifying retirement annuities, resolving payroll problems, evaluating and making basic recommendations regarding certain personnel-related actions, and developing basic procedural guides.

In addition to performing the above specified duties, the employee is responsible for leading the work of three or more personnel actions clerks at the full performance level of GS-203-06. Leader duties include: distributing and balancing the workloads, keeping track of the status and progress of the work, estimating and reporting on the expect time for completion of the work, providing instructions to other employees, providing on-the-job training to such new employees, and reviewing work.


Factor 1 - Knowledge Required by the Position FL 1-4, 550 pts.

Knowledge of an extensive body of personnel and payroll procedures and forms to perform a variety of interrelated/unique personnel clerical work and to respond to a wide range of personnel problems.

Knowledge of NFC procedures to effect the full range of personnel/payroll actions.

Knowledge of the Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Acts to assure confidentiality of documents and records and to safeguard all personnel and payroll information.

Factor 2 - Supervisory Controls FL 2-2, 125 pts.

The employee serves under the direction of a supervisor or higher-graded employee, who defines objectives, priorities, and deadlines and who assists the employee with unusual situations that do not have clear precedents. He/She takes initiative in performing assignments, following established instructions, policies, and practices. Work is reviewed for accuracy and compliance with instructions. Review of the work increases as assignments are more difficult or unfamiliar.

Factor 3 - Guidelines FL 3-3, 275 pts.

Guidelines include the Federal personnel regulations, Departmental and NFC procedures, and precedents. As guidelines are not completely applicable, the employee uses judgment in applying, interpreting, and adapting the guidelines to specific situations. He/She refers any significant deviations to the supervisor or a higher-graded employee.

Factor 4 - Complexity FL 4-3, 150 pts.

The employee performs the full range of clerical personnel assignments, involving different and unrelated processes/procedures. He/She identifies the situation or problems involved, then determines if additional information is necessary and the applicability of precedents; the employee considers any interrelationship with other personnel matters.

Factor 5 - Scope and Effect FL 5-2, 75 pts.

The employee applies rules and procedures to perform a range of personnel support activities and respond to inquiries. The work assures that personnel actions are processed properly and on a timely basis, affecting the accuracy and reliability of further personnel processes.

Factor 6 - Personal Contacts FL 6-2, 25 pts.

Contacts include all levels of employees, supervisors, administrative staffs in the organizations serviced, and/or field offices.

Factor 7 - Purpose of Contacts FL 7-1, 20 pts.

Contacts are to answer basic questions, provide standard instructions, and ensure that all documentation is in order.

Factor 8 - Physical Demands FL 8-1, 5 pts.

Work is primarily sedentary, involving no special physical demands.

Factor 9 - Work Environment FL 9-1, 5 pts.

The work is performed in a typical office setting.

TOTAL = 1,230 pts.

(Since this is a lead position, the grade level is one above the highest level led.)


This position is non-exempt from coverage under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


(Last Updated: November 4, 1994)