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Lead Mail Processing Equipment Operator 06

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The incumbent performs and leads employees in setting up, operating and ensuring proper maintenance of a complex variety of automated mail processing equipment such as inserting,
addressing, folding, decollating, etc.


Sets-up, operates and maintains 40 to 50 pieces of various dissimilar types of automated equipment such as; inserters, folders, addressing equipment, both ink jet and labellers,
decollators, bursters, power cutters, drills and various binding equipment. Each type of equipment has its own specific manual and requires complex set-up and operating procedures.

Independently identifies and resolves problems caused by substandard materials, improper machine operation and procedural errors. Operates equipment and inspects materials during process for proper sequence, and substandard items such as torn pages, loose labels, improper address position, illegible print, etc., to assure quality of work. Observes operations and makes necessary adjustments to produce smooth operations with a minimum of work stoppage.

Maintains controls, records, logs and current equipment specifications which provide essential information to supervisors, scheduling coordinators, sponsors and automated reporting systems.

Conducts training sessions as instructed by supervisor to provide other operators with procedural and equipment changes which affect job processing. Monitors operators being trained to assure proper procedures are being followed. Periodically reviews safety requirements and provides for a clean safe working environment. Recommends changes which enhance safety and/or clean environment.

Performs operator maintenance and periodic inspections or servicing such as daily, weekly and monthly lubrication and replacement of parts, including springs, suction cups, vacuum lines, rubber rollers, and similar parts. Uses screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, allen wrenches and other tools in accomplishing machine duties.

In addition to performing the above specified duties, the employee is responsible for leading the work of three or more GS-0350-05 employees. Leader duties include distributing and balancing the workloads; keeping in touch with the status and progress of the work; estimating and reporting on expected time of completion of the work; providing instructions to other employees; providing on-the-job training to new employees; reviewing work.


Factor 1 - Knowledge Required FL 1-3, 350 pts.

Extensive knowledge and skill in the set-up, operation and adjustment of a wide variety of mail processing equipment.

Knowledge of the vocabulary of technical terms used in conjunction with mail processing equipment.

Knowledge and skill to diagnose machine malfunctions and operating difficulties, and to perform corrective adjustments.

Knowledge of a wide variety of procedural specifications.

Knowledge of equipment safety features such as switches, covers, etc. Knowledge of personal protective equipment and all necessary safety regulations.

Factor 2 - Supervisory Controls FL 2-2, 125 pts.

The assigned work is performed independently following the supervisor or work leader's general instructions and established priorities. The supervisor or work leader is available for
assistance with difficult and unusual problems. Work is reviewed by systematic spot-checks and is also evaluated in terms of timeliness and quantity.

Factor 3 - Guidelines FL 3-2, 125 pts.

Written guidelines consist of equipment manufacturers' operating manuals and agency instructions involving operating procedures. Some judgment is required in selecting and applying the most appropriate guideline to a range of operating problems and maintenance procedures. Situations not covered are referred to the supervisor or lead operator.

Factor 4 - Complexity FL 4-3, 150 pts.

The incumbent processes work, that requires a sequence of actions or steps involving different methods and procedures, such as review of procedures for accuracy and feasibility, collection of materials required for each job and preparation of sample packages. The work includes various duties involving different and unrelated processes and methods. The decision regarding what needs to be done requires the operator to analyze each situation and use judgment to select the most efficient course of action from the many alternatives available. The proper set-up and adjustment of the machinery requires the operator to consider several factors such as the work to be processed, the machinery to be utilized and the differences in equipment set-ups for similar jobs. The equipment is highly specialized. Many machines have been specially designed or modified to meet special agency requirements. Equipment is operated in connection with other equipment in tandem, at high speed under most exacting tolerances using a large variety of materials (thousands of different envelopes, forms, booklets, and brochures, etc.) that are often far below standard for high speed operation.

Factor 5 - Scope and Effect FL 5-2, 75 pts.

The purpose of the work is to process large volumes of mailing materials to support requests from inside and outside of the agency. Extreme care must be taken to maintain confidential
information such as sales volumes, employee figures and inventories, etc., from being inadvertently distributed to the wrong person or company. Timeliness of services provided is
critical to further processing cuts and staffing requirements that are set well in advance and are determined by the mailout date.

Factor 6 - Personal Contacts FL 6-1, 10 pts.

Contacts are primarily with the supervisor and co-workers, but there are some contacts with employees in areas serviced.

Factor 7 - Purpose of Contacts FL 7-1, 20 pts.

Contacts serve to provide and clarify work instructions, resolve maintenance problems, and obtain and/or report factual information relating to the work.

Factor 8 - Physical Demands FL 8-3, 50 pts.

Work requires the operator to stand for extended periods of time during machine operations and to routinely lift heavy items such as stacks of computer forms, cartons of envelopes, etc. which
weigh over 50 pounds.

Factor 9 - Work Environment FL 9-2, 20 pts.

Work is performed in well-lighted areas, with adequate to very poor ventilation. Operator is subject to cuts, bruises, shocks or possible damage to extremities during high speed operation.

Environment is noisy, hot or cold, and may be dusty, dirty or smelly during operations or clean-up procedures. Operator is subject to subdued, excessively bright or strobe type (fast blinking) lights.


(Since this is a lead position, the grade level is one above the highest level led.)

FINAL GRADE = GS-0350-06

This position is non-exempt from coverage under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


(Last Updated: November 4, 1994)

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