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Viewing Your Leave and Earning Statement Online

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On September 12, 2009, all non-bargaining unit employees stopped receiving a paper copy of their leave and earning statement through the mail. At that time, instructions were sent out on how to view your leave and earning statement online by accessing the Employee Personal Page (EPP) through the National Finance Center (NFC). As we approach the end of the calendar year, many employees track their income and benefits by viewing their leave and earning statement.

We encourage all employees to view their leave and earning statements each pay period. Click here to access the EPP directly, or visit our EPP web page for additional information.

If you encounter any difficulties in accessing the EPP, the NFC Operations and Security Center (OSC) can provide you with assistance.

Contact the OSC in one of the four ways below:

Web - submit requests online via NFC’s Home Page, using the “Create Request” link on the OSC’s Web page. The link to OSC’s Web page is located on the lower left side of NFC’s home page.

Email − submit requests via email to occ.etix@usda.gov.

Fax − submit requests via fax using the OSC Technical Help Desk Fax Request Form to 504−426−8318. The OSC Technical Help Desk Fax Request Form is also available on the OSC’s web page.

Phone - EPP users can contact the OSC toll free at 1−800−767−9641 or locally at 504−426−6435.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact your servicing human resources office.