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DC Summer Youth Employment Program at Commerce

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For more than thirty years, the District of Columbia (DC) has provided jobs for several thousand teens and young adults, offering participants a meaningful employment experience throughout the course of the summer. The DC Summer Youth Employment Program (DC SYEP) provides linkages between academic and occupational learning as well as connections to the local job market. The Department of Employment Services’ Office of Youth Programs (OYP) manages the SYEP for which the Department of Commerce (DOC) was a host site.

For the 2009 DC SYEP, the Department hosted 28 interns working throughout the Office of the Secretary and the various bureaus including: Bureau of the Census, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and National Technical Information Service. Internships began on Monday June 22, 2009 and continued through August 21, 2009.

On Thursday, August 20 at 1:00p.m., there was a reception held to honor and thank the SYEP participants as well as their supervisors for their participation and involvement in the program. Certificates of appreciation signed by the Secretary were presented to the SYEP participants at the reception.