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New GSA Smoking Regulation in Effect

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The General Services Administration (GSA) published a final regulation that establishes a smoke-free environment for Federal employees and members of the public visiting or using Federal facilities. Effective June 19, 2009, all designated interior smoking areas will be closed and smoking is prohibited in courtyards and within twenty-five (25) feet of doorways and air intake ducts in outdoor spaces under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

The GSA regulation is Title 41, Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 102-74, “Federal Management Regulation; FMR Case 2008–102–3, Real Property Policies Update – Smoking Restrictions” dated December 19, 2008. The regulation restricts smoking in interior spaces owned, rented, or leased by the executive branch of the Federal Government. The GSA bulletin announcing the regulation can be accessed at https://pcmm.gov/FMRBulletin2009-1onSmoking.pdf.

Department employees working in a privately owned facility must comply with the smoking policy of the landlord of the building they occupy.

Department building managers are responsible for installing suitable signs in their buildings, as well as in and around building entrance doorways and air intake ducts to advise employees and the public of the new regulation. Supervisors are responsible for educating their employees on this new regulation and enforcing compliance.

The Department and its operating units will honor all labor-management relations obligations, as appropriate.