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U.S. Civilian Response Corps - Standby

The Department of Commerce is actively soliciting applicants for the Standby component of the U.S. Civilian Response Corps (CRC-S). The U.S. Civilian Response Corps (CRC) provides the United States Government with a cadre of readily available, trained and equipped civilian specialists who can quickly respond to complex crises in foreign countries or regions that are at risk of, in, or transitioning from conflict or strife. The Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization (S/CRS) within the Department of State has the lead role in the establishment and implementation of the CRC.

The CRC consists of skilled professionals from eight U.S. Civilian Agencies, including State, USAID, Justice, Agriculture, Commerce, Treasury, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security. The CRC is comprised of three components: Active; Standby; and Reserve.

Areas of expertise being solicited from the following DOC bureaus for the CRC-S include:

- Support and develop trade and investment opportunities

- Assist with private sector development of commercial markets

- Subsidies & price controls

- Weather forecasting

- Environmental issues related to hazards and health

ESA (US Census Bureau and Bureau of Economic Analysis)
- Provide technical assistance with demographic surveys and censuses, and demographic analysis

- Provide technical assistance with economic surveys and censuses

- Provide technical assistance with estimating aggregate measures of economic activity, such as GDP and the Balance of Payments

- Develop an effective export control system

- Measurement standards and metrology

- Coordinate documentary standards and conformity assessment activities with U.S. Standards Development Organizations and federal agencies

- Develop effective intellectual property rights System

- Telecommunications Infrastructure, including spectrum management

- Telecommunications Policy

As employees of the Department of Commerce, CRC-S members continue working with their current organization, but can be called upon to deploy in the event their subject matter expertise is needed to support a reconstruction and stabilization response. While deployed abroad, they fall under the operational authority and supervisory control of the Department of State or other designated lead agency. CRC-S personnel are deployable with thirty (30) days of notice to support a reconstruction and stabilization response for an initial period of up to ninety days on a single deployment in a particular engagement, with the option to extend such deployment upon agreement of the Department of State and the Department of Commerce. Deployment could be to a country with difficult physical working conditions, and/or there is a possibility of being embedded with the military.

While participation in the CRC-S is strictly voluntary, after joining the program CRC-S members are expected to remain in the CRC-S for a minimum of two years.

Interested Commerce employees are invited to learn more about this opportunity by viewing a Webinar originally aired on April 20, 2009. Additional questions or requests for information about the CRC-S may be directed to Merriam Mashatt at 703-875-6818 or Jay Brandes at 202-482-4591.

The open period for this solicitation will be April 21, 2009 through May 8, 2009. To respond to our solicitation, please visit the USAJOBS website at http://www.usajobs.opm.gov and click on the tab labeled "Search Jobs." At the top of the next page, click on the field entitled "Keyword Search." Enter the job vacancy number β€œOS-2009-0034” in the field provided. Scroll to the bottom of the same page and find the field for "Applicant Eligibility." Click on the β€˜yes’ button followed by the "Search for Job" button to bring up the announcement.