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Improved CLC Password Recovery Option

The Office of Training and Knowledge Management will be modifying the Commerce Learning Center (CLC) password recovery option. The benefit of this modification is that you will be provided more “easy to remember” options to access the CLC when you forget your password.

You will be asked to select one of twelve pre-defined questions when you first log onto CLC. When you fail to recall your password, at any given time, you can choose the password recovery option by clicking the “Forgot password?” button on the logon screen. If you answer the question of your choice correctly, a randomly generated password will be emailed to you. You will then be required to change that password at your first logon.

Effective Monday, February 16th, you will be presented with the new question options. Upon first logon, you will be required to select a question and provide an answer to complete logon.

Please contact Live Support (if available on your logon screen) or your servicing CLC System Administrator if you have any questions.