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2008 Federal Human Capital Survey

The Department of Commerce is committed to recruiting and retaining a high-performing, diverse workforce to promote U.S. trade and industry and new economic opportunities for the American people. Participation by Commerce employees in the Office of Personnel Management’s 2008 Federal Human Capital Survey provided a picture of employee perceptions as well as management challenges facing the Department and the Federal Government.

The Department of Commerce exhibited a 45% response rate (3,556 out of a sample of 7,908 employees), which was slightly lower than the Government-wide response rate of 51% (212,223 out of a sample of 417,128 employees). Commerce improved in 66 out of 73 items, as compared to the 2006 Federal Human Capital Survey, and was above the Government-wide average in 67 out of 74 items. Additionally, the Department ranked 8th out of 83 agencies on the Results-Oriented Performance Culture index, which indicates the extent to which employees believe their organizational culture promotes improvement in processes, products and services, and organizational outcomes. Click here to see the full Department-wide results of the 2008 Federal Human Capital Survey.

The survey results will be used to assist the Department in targeting and addressing management practices and other issues critical to establishing an innovative workplace that fosters performance and productivity. Building the best workforce in the best workplace environment has been and remains a major goal for the Department of Commerce.

Questions regarding the results of the 2008 Federal Human Capital Survey can be sent to CommerceSurveys@doc.gov. To learn more about the management of human capital at Commerce, see our Strategic Management of Human Capital web page.