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FSAFEDS Suspends Paperless Reimbursement with Mail Handlers

Mail Handlers Benefit Plan (MHBP) is implementing a new claims processing system for medical and prescription drug claims that was not designed to be compatible with the FSAFEDS Paperless Reimbursement (PR) Program.

What does this mean for MHBP paperless reimbursement participants?

This means that FSAFEDS will not be able to automatically process your MHBP claims. You will need to manually submit your claims to FSAFEDS for reimbursement.

PLEASE NOTE: the timing for your medical and prescription claims is different --

Medical services processed for you by MHBP from August 31, 2008 forward will NOT be sent to FSAFEDS for processing.

Prescription drug services that will be processed for you by MHBP starting September 14, 2008 forward will NOT be sent to FSAFEDS.

How do I manually submit claims to FSAFEDS?

You must fill out a health care claim form and send it to FSAFEDS along with a copy of your Explanation of Benefits from MHBP. FSAFEDS will process and reimburse your claim in 5 – 7 business days from the time received, as long as it contains the information necessary to process.

Where do I obtain a claim form? Simply click on “Health Care Claim Form” to open the form and then follow the instructions.

Will MHBP participate in Paperless Reimbursement (PR) at some later time? Yes. FSAFEDS is already working with MHBP and hope to make the PR Program available to you in January 2009, if not sooner. Be sure to elect paperless reimbursement with MHBP during Open Season when you re-enroll in FSAFEDS for the 2009 Benefit Period.