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What's New in TSP

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Account Access

Logging into your TSP account has just gotten easier. You can now create your own Custom User ID to use in place of your 13-digit TSP account number to access your account on the Web site. To do this, log into Account Access using your account number and Web password, then choose “Create/Modify Custom ID” from the Account Access menu. Your custom ID, together with your Web password, can be used only on the Web site. (You will still need your TSP account number (and PIN) to access your account on the ThriftLine.) Your custom ID is interchangeable with your TSP account number on the Web site—you can use your custom ID or your 13-digit TSP account number any time you log in to access your account.

Calculating Balances

The TSP is now displaying share prices to four decimal places. The change from two to four decimal places will allow for greater precision in calculating account balances and in tracking the TSP funds to the indexes with which they are associated. For more information, see the Questions and Answers about this topic at http://www.tsp.gov.