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Workplace Safety: Accident Assesment

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The Next-Accident Assessment

Will you cause the next accident?

This assessment can help you as an individual figure out, on your own, what your chances are of being the next accident statistic. To rate yourself, answer each question honestly and total the points to learn where you can reduce your personal risk level.

Human error is responsible for 80 percent of all accidents. These accident-causing mistakes happen for a number of reasons. The Next-Accident Assessment is based on the top five reasons for human-error accidents involving self-discipline, leadership, training, standards, and support.

This assessment is for your awareness only. You do not have to share the results with anyone. Once you have completed the risk assessment, you can then take action to correct or control the risk factors you identified.


Answer the questions about yourself and assign points as instructed.

Points _____Question 1. Self-discipline. You know the standard for performing your job tasks. You have been trained to perform those tasks to standard, but you frequently choose not to. This is a lack of self-discipline. The following are indicators of an undisciplined individual. Give yourself points for indiscipline if you—

_____a. Have been formally or informally counseled for poor performance or conduct. Give yourself 8 points if you have been counseled 3 times for any combination of the following reasons in the last 12 months or more than 4 times in the last 24 months.

  • Electing not to follow instructions, procedures, or laws.
  • Unnecessary risk taking.
  • Inappropriate personal conduct or irresponsibility (example: sexual harassment).
  • Not finishing assigned work (dependability).
  • Lateness.
  • Not being a team player.
  • Making inappropriate decisions for your age, grade, or experience level that increased the risk of an accident.

_____b. Had at-fault reportable accidents or traffic citations. Note: “At-fault” is knowingly and willfully doing something wrong that caused the accident or citation. A “reportable” accident or citation is one resulting in a police report, accident report, or insurance claim. Give yourself 8 points if you have had 2 to 4 accidents or citations in the last 12 months or 5 or more in the last 24 months.

_____c. Abused alcohol or drugs. Give yourself 8 points if you fit any of the following examples:

  • Missed all or part of a workday because of alcohol or illegal drug use 2 times in any month during the last 12 months.
  • Been on duty while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs any day during the past month.
  • Referred to Employee Assistance Program, mental health, or other agency for an alcohol or drug-abuse evaluation during the past 24 months.

_____d. Received punishment. Give yourself 8 points if you received punishment for any of the following in the last 24 months:

  • AWOL.
  • Crimes against property.
  • Crimes of violence.

_____e. High School Diploma. Give yourself 8 points if you do not have a high school diploma.

_____f. Sex and age. Give yourself 8 points if you are male and under the age of 25.

Points_____Question 2. Leadership. Your immediate supervisor is not ready, willing, or able to supervise subordinates’ work and enforce performance to standard.

Give yourself 18 points if your supervisor fits either of the following examples.

  • Your supervisor does not have sufficient technical knowledge, experience,
  • or management ability to properly supervise.
  • Your supervisor tolerates below-standard performance, rarely makes on-the-spot corrections, does not emphasize by-the-book operations, or is reluctant to take disciplinary action.

Points_____Question 3. Training. You have not received the training you need to perform your current job tasks to standard. This is known as proficiency training and allows you to remain proficient at your job. This means insufficient, incorrect, or no task training that should have been provided by schools, organization, or OJT experience.

Give yourself 18 points if either of the following examples applies to you.

  • No proficiency training in last five years.
  • Not proficient in tasks outside your job series but required in your current job.

Points_____Question 4. Standards. In your current job, you frequently perform tasks for which standards or procedures do not exist, are not clear, or are not practical.

Give yourself 8 points if either of the following applies to you.

  • Tasks in your job series either have no standards or procedures, or have standards or procedures that are not clear or are not practical.
  • Tasks outside your job series (other duties) assigned to you either have no standards or procedures, or have standards or procedures that are not clear or are not practical.

Points_____Question 5. Support. You frequently do not receive the support you need to perform your job tasks to standard. Shortcomings include type, capability, and

amount or condition of support needed. Give yourself 8 points if inadequate support was responsible for below-standard task performance 2 times in any month during the past 12 months. Examples:

  • Personnel (not full crew, wrong job series, not trained to standard, etc.).
  • Equipment (tools, transportation, safety, etc.).
  • Supplies (fuel, water, parts, clothing, publications, etc.).
  • Services/facilities (maintenance, medical, personal services, storage, etc.).


Add up your points for all questions and write that number in the space below. Find where your score fits on the scale below to determine your risk of causing the next accident and circle it.

_____Total Points










Extremely High

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