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Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Certificate Program

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The Federal Workforce Flexibility Act of 2004 requires agency leaders to establish, in consultation with OPM, a comprehensive management succession program for developing future managers and agency leadership. In accordance with OPM policies, which include regulations that pertain to succession planning and the training of leaders, the Office of Training and Knowledge Management (OTKM) have created A PILOT PROGRAM called the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Certificate Program. The pilot program will “foster a broad agency and Government-wide perspective to prepare individuals for advancement and leadership, thus supplying the agency and the Government with an adequate number of well-prepared and qualified candidates to fill leadership positions.”

Project Goals

The LEAD Certificate Program provides interested employees and supervisors with a non-competitive leadership training program as an alternative to the Department’s competitive and comprehensive leadership training programs. This program:

• Prepares participants to fulfill emerging leadership requirements within their organization;

• Uses leadership exposure and skill training to develop participant’s leadership capabilities;

• Enhances the Department’s ability to support and fulfill out succession planning efforts;

• Adds a cadre of individuals with enhanced exposure to leadership to our workforce; and,

• Serves as an adjunct program to fulfill the mission of our leadership development plan.

Pilot Program Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the LEAD Certificate Pilot Program, Commerce employees must:

• Work within the Washington D.C. commuting area

• Have received a “satisfactory” or higher grade on the 2009 performance appraisal

• Have a Supervisory Agreement allowing employee participation and funding for the 4-days of core training

• Have taken the Managing Your Career: Getting on the Right Track course in the Commerce Learning Center (CLC)

In addition, the participant must be currently serving in a GS-13 or 14 level (or equivalent) graded position and have an aptitude and interest in being a future leader.

Pilot Program Structure

The LEAD Certificate Program is a six-month pilot program. Time away from the participant’s job will involve 4 days of training, brown bag lunchtime sessions, attendance at speaker events, and other assignments. The program structure is as follows:

• Orientation Session for students and supervisors

• Introductory Core Training to include a 3 day session at program start plus a one day follow-up session 5 months into the program

• Participation in the Department’s Mentoring Program

• Produce a final topic paper

• Conduct an Executive Interview

• Attend Speaker Events

• Take Commerce Learning Center (CLC) Courses

• Participate in a Leadership Book Discussion

• Develop Individual Development Plan (IDP) and a Leadership Learning Agreement

• Attendance at the Final Graduation

Employees that enter the six month program must be able to participate fully, beginning in May/June 2010 and ending in November/December 2010. Those that complete all the requirements of the program will become eligible to receive a leadership certificate that signifies that the graduate has completed a body of knowledge in the area of leadership and team building training. There will be a very nice graduation ceremony for graduates and supervisors.

The cost for the program pays for 4-days of introductory leadership core training, now estimated to cost under $600. This cost must be funded by the participant’s organization. The cost will include training, a personal assessment, a leadership book, discussion materials, and notebooks to maintain curriculum materials.

Please note that completion of this course does not guarantee any adjustment or promotion in the participant’s current job or their salary. For more information please contact Michael Cohen, the Program Manager, at LEAD@doc.gov address.

This is a pilot program. The results of a follow-up study to determine program results in terms of training individuals to take on new or future leadership tasks; will determine whether future LEAD program classes will be offered in the future.

Class of 2010 ( Participants)

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