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Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

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Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

Leadership Development Program

ELDP Graduating Class of 2015-2016

The Executive Leadership Development Program is designed for high potential employees at the GS-13 and 14 levels or equivalent whose career plans include moving into upper management positions. It is one of the “flagship” leadership development programs managed and funded by the Department of Commerce that support the Human Capital Management Plan and workforce succession planning. These programs target “mission critical” positions expected to experience major attrition through retirements and other reasons. The program provides leadership development opportunities and addresses key competencies. Formal training and leadership development activities are the foundation of this program resulting in a cadre of well-trained, well-qualified employees for leadership roles in the Department of Commerce. Individuals selected for this program remain in their current positions and grade levels. Selected participants are expected to be self-starters and highly motivated individuals who, through their experience, curriculum must be completed in sixteen (16) months while balancing current job assignments.

General Information

Grades 13 – 14 (one year time in grade)

16 months Duration

30 Participants

Competencies Addressed

Creativity and innovation

    Conflict management


    Human resources management




    Leadership development

    Personal skills and behavioral assessment

    Leadership training

    Capitol Hill exposure


    90 - 120 days Developmental assignment

    Action learning project


    Guest Speakers

    Group meetings and discussions

    Team building exercise

    List of ELDP Class Participants:

    ELDP VIII – Class of 2013 (12 month program)

    ELDP VII – Class of 2012

    ELDP VI – Class of 2011

    ELDP V – Class of 2010

    ELDP IV – Class of 2009

    ELDP III – Class of 2008

    ELDP II – Class of 2006-2007

    ELDP I – Class of 2004

    For more information, please contact the Program Manager, Julia Law on 202-482-8095 or e-mail JLaw@doc.gov.

    Note: The program funds all training and materials. Local and long distance travel is not supported by the program and is the responsibility of the home organization. In addition, while supervisory approval to participate in the program is not required, applicants are strongly encouraged to it with their supervisors and keep them informed. This affords a supervisor ample time to plan for the period of time a selected candidate might be out of the office. All graduates of this and other leadership development programs must compete under merit promotion regulations in order to advance into higher-level positions.

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