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Careers in Motion (CM) Program

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Due to the budget this program has been defunded and the program

will not be offered at HCHB. For more information contact

Gregory McHugh, via e-mail GMchugh@doc.gov.

The overall goal of Careers in Motion is to improve the skills and increase the mobility of employees for potential advancement to higher levels. To achieve this, a series of career development workshops were developed and employees are encouraged to choose and participate in the workshops that best meet their development needs. The courses are primarily conducted at the Herbert C. Hoover building in Washington, D.C. Some courses are delivered at satellite locations.

View a video of the October 31, 2008 presentation on the Career in Motion program here.

The purpose of the Careers in Motion program is to:

Provide tools for individuals to identify their marketable strengths for available positions within the Department of Commerce

Enhance employee career development, which is of mutual benefit to both the employee and Commerce organizational missions

The Careers in Motion (CM) Program has four essential components:

Department-wide mentoring program

Individual career assessments

Confidential career counseling sessions

Career-enhancing workshops

Each component is designed so employees may choose activities for their individual professional needs. Employees are encouraged to work with their supervisors to resolve any scheduling issues.

Assessment Tools

The assessment tools are offered in the first class, Knowing Success by Knowing Yourself and Others. The assessment tools include:

Career Alignment Profile™


CAP™ helps individuals to determine their strengths through the identification of their unique interests, abilities, and work style preferences. CAP™ generates a personal report to enable individuals to match their unique strengths to appropriate training, career fields, or other specific career opportunities.


Assessment Process and How to Use the Resources for Optimum Career Alignment

Writing an Accomplishments-based Resume

Interviewing and Salary Negotiation Techniques

Using Networking Effectively

Communication Styles - Yours and Others

How to create your Individual Career Plan

Competencies for Success in the Workplace,

Individual Career Counseling Session

You have the opportunity, if desired, to schedule an individual session with a Certified Career Planning Consultant for guidance and assistance with your unique career planning needs. There are limited time slots for this opportunity.

Please visit and log on to Commerce Learn Center at www.learning.doc.gov or visit www.doccareer.com

On-line courses which are equivalent to the Instructor Lead Courses will be available through the CLC.

All employees can sign-up for Career Counseling and a Career Assessment please contact Career Management International at 713-623-8780 or via email at info@doccareer.com

You are required to provide your individual report and resume to the Career Counseling Session.

For more information, contact the Program Manager, Robert Montague, at 202 482-6028 or via e-mail Rmontague@doc.gov.

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