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Senior Executive Service (SES) Onboarding Program - Training and Development

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At DOC, our goal is to maintain a pipeline of highly qualified Executives through executive development, performance management and succession planning who are continuously improved to meet the executive leadership requirements throughout the department.

The following operation and leadership activities are provided to SES DOC-wide:




Develop Performance Plan

Within the first 30 days at DOC, you should work with your Rating Official to develop a performance plan. The SES performance cycle is October 1 – September 30, annually. Performance plans are established, monitored, and completed via the Executive Performance Management System (EPMS) tool.

First 30 days

Register in the Commerce Learning Center and Take Required Training

Executives can take the following required training through the Commerce Learning Center (CLC)

    • Telework for Managers

    • No Fear Act

    • IT Security Awareness

    • Freedom of Information Act

First 30 days

Develop Executive Development Plan

SES members are expected to participate in leadership development training and other activities for career growth/personal development. The Executive Development Plan (EDP) is used to document your training and leadership activities over a 3-year period. Progress is reviewed in conjunction with the performance management cycle. The following document is made available for your reference when developing an EDP:

Consult with your coach on your EDP and create it with your supervisor. A list of recommended competencies can be found here.

First 90 days

Formulate Strategic Questions

A list of strategic questions to consider for developing an action plan for your organization can be found here.

First 90 days

Register to Attend OPM SES Briefing (for new career SES only)

New career SES – Register to attend an OPM SES briefing here.

Within 1st year


As part of the SES Onboarding program, we recommend completing courses in the following areas:

    • SES Performance Management

    • Diversity & Inclusion

    • Ethics

    • Leadership for a Democratic Society

    • Organizational Performance

The topics listed above are not all-inclusive of the available leadership and developmental opportunities for executives and some may supplement the mandatory training required of federal employees and/or supervisors. Please refer to Appendix 1 of the Standard Operating Procedure - SES Onboarding Pilot Program or additional information.

Within 1st year


For information, contact Yolanda Barnwell from OHRM/OHCS&D at YBarnwell@doc.gov or 202-482-3806.

Within the 4th and 6th months

Additional resources: Visit the Office of Human Resources Management, SES Employees. This website includes information in the following areas:

    • General Information

    • Employment

    • Performance Management

    • SES Forms

    • SES Pay and Leave

    • Training and Development

    • Presidential Transition

    • Senior Executive Service Association

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