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Senior Executive Service (SES) Onboarding Program - Administrative

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newly appointed or transferring members of the Senior Executive Service (SES). We hope you find the Department of Commerce to be a stimulating and rewarding environment where senior leaders work collaboratively across the spectrum of the 12 bureaus that comprise our "one team" to create conditions for economic growth and opportunity for our Nation.

The following table provides a list of SES administrative onboarding requirements. You can also find the executive checklist here. Your bureau’s Servicing Human Resources Office (SHRO) will provide additional information during in-processing.



Receive Offer Letter – Includes:

    • DOC Executive Onboarding website

    • Point of Contact in your bureau’s Office of Executive Resources (OER) Office

    • Your Position Description

    • Public Financial Disclosure Report (Standard Form 278) information

Prior to Onboarding

Review Executive Onboarding Website

Prior to Onboarding

Prepare To Attend New Employee Orientation*

    • Check arrival time and location (see offer letter)

    • For I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form – Bring unexpired U.S. Passport or two of the following: a driver’s license, an original social security card or a birth certificate.

Prior to Onboarding

Attend Orientation

    • Attend DOC OHRM Orientation (refer to offer letter)

    • Visit Security Office for ID/Badge Processing

    • Attend Ethics Briefing (refer to Orientation Agenda)

    • Visit your office space and supervisor

    • Receive office key

First Day

Complete Administrative Tasks

First Week

Complete Information Technology (IT) Tasks – Provided By Bureau OCIO

    • Receive computer login information – User Name/Temporary Password

    • Submit Citrix Access Form (for telework)

    • Receive Webmail link (network login the same)

    • Complete Mobile Work Device Form

    • Commerce Connect – login

    • Register on Commerce Learning Center (Refer to Training and Development for training and development requirements)

First Week

Complete Financial Disclosure – Members of the SES are required to file a Public Financial Disclosure Report (SF-278) within 30 days of appointment to the SES. Complete SF-278 – submit to DOC Financial Disclosure Program, HCHB Room 5721

Within 30 days of appointment

Review SES Policies


Meet with Supervisor on:

    • Introduction to direct reports, senior leaders, etc.

    • Letter from previous executive

    • Fact Sheet on priorities (or “hot issues”) that require attention within the first 90 days

    • Discuss initial projects and roles/responsibilities

    • Performance Management – Discuss performance standards; establish timeframe to complete performance objectives and sign plan.


*The New Employee Orientation will cover a variety of topics to help you understand DOC as an organization and processes. You can review electronic benefits information here. More details, forms and guidance will be provided on the following benefits during orientation:

    • Health Insurance Programs

    • Group Term Life Insurance

    • Long Term Care Insurance

    • Flexible Spending Accounts

    • Retirement Information

    • WebTA/Timekeeping

    • Leave

    • Professional Liability Insurance

    • Transit Benefits & Parking

    • Work Life Programs

The Office of Personnel Management oversees the Federal executive personnel program. Information and resources are available here.