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Agenda - Forum Meeting February 2014

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Approval of January 15, 2014 minutes (5 minutes)

Updates (25 minutes)

    • Annual Submission of Report to the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations: Use of Metrics by Councils/Committees/Forum – Frank Milman

    • Status of letter to OPM with suggestions on improving FEVS – John Cunningham and Laurie Schwede

Carry over Issues (90 minutes)

    • Department Telework Policy – Frank Milman

    • Department Domestic Violence Policy – Kevin Mahoney

    • Department Workplace Violence Policy – Frank Milman

    • Efforts to Reach Goal of Department being #1 Best Place to Work – Kevin Mahoney and Howard Friedman

      o Development of Forum’s Metric for CY 2014 Report.

      o Establishment of Working Group to study the effectiveness of the Forum and to make recommendations as needed.

New Business (20 minutes)

    • Discussion on how bureaus and operating units can move forward to meet mandate in EO 13522 Section 3(a)(i) - Kevin Mahoney

Other Business (10 minutes)

CALL IN NUMBER 866-453-8771 PASS CODE 2785164

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