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AWS: Flexible Work Schedule Types

Maxiflex: The most flexible schedule.

  • Contains core hours (during which you must be at work) which are established on fewer than 10 workdays during each biweekly pay period. (In some cases, there may be no core hours at all.)
  • Schedules may include more hours in one week than the next.
  • The basic requirement is to complete 80 hours of work during each biweekly pay period.

Variable week: Daily and weekly flexibility.

  • Basic requirement to complete 80 hours in each biweekly pay period.
  • Must work during core hours on each of the 10 workdays in the pay period.
  • Flexibility is in the number of hours you work each day and each week.
  • Schedules can vary from week to week and day to day, with more hours worked in one week than the other.

Variable day: Daily flexibility.

  • Schedule can vary each day around the core hours, but you have to complete 40 hours each workweek.
  • Can’t work fewer hours one week than the other during a biweekly pay period.
  • Schedule could have varied hours on different days. For example: 3 10-hour days, and two 5-hour days each week, as long as you were on the job during the core hours established for your unit during the short days. You are not paid overtime for the two extra hours on each 10-hour day; instead, those hours are counted as “base hours” and used to make up the 40-hour weekly work requirement.

Gliding schedule: Flexibility is in arrival and departure times.

  • Work 8 hours each day and 40 hours each week.
  • Can vary the times you arrive and leave work each day, as long as you’re there during the established core hours.

Flexi tour:

  • Almost the same as a gliding schedule.
  • Work 8 hours each day and 40 hours each week.
  • Schedule is the same every day until a formal opportunity for changing it arises.