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Leave Transfer Program: Care for a Family Member

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Before being allowed to use donated leave to care for a family member, an employee must use his or her own:

  • Accrued sick leave to the extent that it would be available for expanded care of a family member;
  • Accrued annual leave in its entirety; and
  • Have unpaid absence of at least 24 hours.

When the medical emergency of a leave recipient using donated leave to care for a family member continues into a new leave year, the employee will again be required to use sick leave to the extent required by law in order to remain eligible for leave transfer.

Also, if the medical emergency of a family member continues after a hiatus in donations during which leave in set aside accounts is made available to the recipient, the recipient must use annual leave and sick leave accruals first and donated hours of leave only as they are necessary to complete the employee’s basic work requirement.

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