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Agenda for July 15, 2015 Forum Meeting

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Approval of May 20, 2015 minutes (5 minutes) – Fred Stephens

Ongoing Matters (55 minutes)

    • Shared Services – Ken Kukovich [15 minutes]

Jamesa Moone - Coordinator

    • Meeting with OPM on Census FEVS

      o Will have to get list of dates when forum members (probably union) can meet with OPM and then see when OPM can meet.

    • Union participation on the President’s Management Advisory Board

      o President’s Management Advisory Board -- OMB replied, “Yes, we are currently discussing the composition of the panel but we are definitely planning to invite representatives from labor unions to be part of it.

    • Information on NOAA’s current councils/committees

      o Census, USPTO, and EDA have committees at level of recognition

      o NIST has six bargaining units but no councils

      o NOAA has 19 bargaining units, but only three (3) councils are in place. They have nine (9) additional units interested in forming councils.

    • Phased Retirement, including NFC readiness

      o NFC was ready PP6, March 2015

    • Cost Savings on Travel Initiative

      o Sent to members on April 22, 2015

New Business (70 minutes)

    • Electronic Travel Service 2 – Gay Shrum [10 minutes]

    • Working Group to deal with implementing the requirement of Executive Order 13522 for councils/committees at level of recognition – Kevin Mahoney [5 minutes]

    • Working Group to update the LMF Charter – Frank Milman [5 minutes]

    • Working Group to update Leave Handbook – Frank Milman [5 minutes]

    • SORN (Notice of Routine Use) -- OPOG [30 minutes]

    • Developments in Breach of OPM data – Kevin Mahoney [10 minutes]

Other Business (5 minutes)

CALL IN NUMBER 866-453-8771 PASS CODE 2785164

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