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Agenda for April 15, 2015 Forum Meeting

Approval of February 19, 2015 minutes (5 minutes)

Status of Action Reports (45 minutes)

    • Meeting with OPM on Census FEVS – Kevin Mahoney [5 minutes]

    • Providing Gold and Silver Award Criteria and the President’s Customer Service Award criteria to Forum members – Valerie Smith [5 minutes]

    • Department’s efforts to be #1 – Kevin Mahoney/Howard Friedman [10 minutes]

    • Equity Working Group – Kevin Mahoney [5 minutes]

    • Phased Retirement – Valerie Smith and Laurie Schwede [20 minutes]

New Business (65 minutes)

    • Pre-decisional involvement and the DOC LMF Charter – Howard Friedman [15 minutes]

    • Employee engagement and improving labor relations at some of the bureaus – Howard Friedman [15 minutes]

    Shared Services – Daniel Sorrels [35 minutes] – (possibly a power point presentation.)

      o What is the baseline now? What are the costs and the outcomes that Federal government employees provide that will be replace by Shared Service?

      o What are the Shared Services costs and net cost savings to be realized? Essentially, what is the business case made by management for gains in efficiency and quality of service for the Federal Government and to its customers?

      o What are the plans for those employees who will be affected?

Other Business (5 minutes)

CALL IN NUMBER 866-453-8771 PASS CODE 2785164