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Agenda for February 19, 2015 Forum Meeting

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Approval of January 15, 2015 minutes (5 minutes)

Unfinished Business from January 15, 2015 Meeting (100 minutes)

    • Status of Action Items

    o Meeting with OPM on FEVS – Kevin Mahoney [5 minutes]

    o Pay Equity Workgroup – Kevin Mahoney [5 minutes]

    o Phased Retirement Conference Call on 2/13/15 – Valerie Smith [5 minutes]

    • Shared Services – Ellen Herbst [30 minutes]

    • Next Generation Learning Management System – Ivonne Cunarro [15 minutes]

    • Federal Customer Service Awards Program – Kevin Mahoney [10 minutes]

    • Viability of retaining the Forum’s working groups – although this was discussed, there was no decision by the Forum on what existing groups should remain and which should be abolished. The existing working groups are: Innovation, Communication, Metrics, and Personnel Policy (which is supposed to be an experiment rather than a permanent working group) – Kevin Mahoney [30 minutes]

    • Status of Telework implementation plans in the Department – Frank Milman [5 minutes]

    • What should the Forum’s metric be for FY15 – Kevin Mahoney [10 minutes]

    • Department’s result of the FY14 FEVS – Kevin Mahoney [10 minutes]

Other Business (5 minutes)

CALL IN NUMBER 866-453-8771 PASS CODE 2785164

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