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April 17, 2013 Forum Agenda

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Approval of January 16, 2013 minutes (5 minutes)

Membership Changes – (15 minutes)

    • Ellen Herbst – Management Co-chair, Senior Advisor to the Deputy Secretary performing the non-exclusive duties of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration

    • Kevin Mahoney – Director for Human Resources Management replaces Tyra Dent Smith, Acting Director for Human Resources Management

    • Cynthia Vaughan – Chief, Human Resources Division, U.S. Census Bureau, replacing

Ted Johnson

    • Renee Stone – Chief of Staff, NOAA

Updates – Ellen Herbst, Kevin Mahoney, and Frank Milman (60 minutes)

    • Budget/Sequestration Update – Hari Sastry, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Resource Management

    • Public Service Recognition Week – Kevin Mahoney

    • Same Sex Domestic Benefits – Kevin Mahoney

    • Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey – Kevin Mahoney

    • VERA/VSIP – Kevin Mahoney

    • Risk Clarity – Kevin Mahoney

    • Telework - Changes in the Department Telework Policy due to changes by the Office of Personnel Management in their 2012-2013 “Washington, DC Area Dismissal and Closure Procedures.” - Frank Milman

Reports from Working Groups (20 minutes)

    • Metrics – Co-chairs, Randy Myers & Kevin Mahoney

    • Innovation – Co-chairs, Robert Budens & Ted Johnson

      o Discussion on potential new B1 pilots

    • Communications – Co-chair, Howard Friedman

      o How to improve communication throughout the Department about the upcoming Public Service Recognition Week and the FEVS for the purpose on increasing participation rate

    • Policy Partnership – Co-chairs, Pamela Schwartz and Ursula Snead

      o Group declined to develop the Department’s policy addressing Domestic Violence in the Federal Workforce.

New Business (15 minutes)

    • Review and reflections of the past three years – Ellen Herbst

    • Update DAO 202-711, Labor Management Relations, to include language about the Labor-Management Forum – Frank Milman

Other Business (5 minutes)

Call in number 888-942-9040 Pass Code 32317

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