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Agenda for 1-16-2013 Forum meeting

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Approval of October 17, 2012 minutes (5 minutes)

Membership Changes – Scott Quehl (20 minutes)

    • Tyra Dent Smith, Acting Director for Human Resources Management, replaces Bill Fleming (retired)

    • Ken Kukovich (EDA) replaces Jonathan Markley (retired)

    • Mary Saunders (NIST) replaces Dave Robinson

    • Margaret Spring (NOAA) replaces Andy Winer

Commerce Updates – Scott Quehl (15 minutes)

    • Budget/Sequestration Update – Scott Quehl

    o Recurring future updates

Reports from Working Groups (65 minutes)

    • Metrics – Co-chairs, Randy Myers & Tyra Dent Smith

    o Report to the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations on Department’s use of Metrics by Councils/Committees in 2012– Tyra Dent Smith

    o Employee Viewpoint Survey - Tyra Dent Smith

    o VERA/VSIP – Tyra Dent Smith

    o Telework - Changes in the Department Telework Policy due to changes by the Office of Personnel Management in their 2012-2013 “Washington, DC Area Dismissal and Closure Procedures.” - Tracy Schulberg

    • Innovation – Co-chairs, Robert Budens & Ted Johnson

    o Discussion on potential new B1 pilots

    • Communications – Co-chair, Howard Friedman

    • Joint meeting with the Policy Partnership working group to discuss the best way to communicate their pilot project

    • Policy Partnership – Co-chairs, TBD and Tracy Schulberg

    o Charter is finalized

    o Group is considering development of a Department Domestic Violence Policy in accordance with the recent OPM guidance

    o Ken Kukovich is replacing Jonathon Markley on the working group

Other (5 minutes)

New Business (10 minutes)

    • Proposal to move the LMF from the third Wednesday to either a different Wednesday of the month, the third Tuesday or the third Thursday of the month in order to allow management LER and union members to attend the National Labor Management Council.

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