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Agenda for 3-16-11 Forum Meeting

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Department of Commerce Labor-Management Forum

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Meeting, Herbert C. Hoover Building

Room 6029



Ø Approval of December 15, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Ø Update on Budget Status – Scott Quehl (20 minutes)

    ² FY 12 Budget in Brief

    ² FY 11 Update

Ø Brainstorming Session on Savings, Efficiencies & Effectiveness (90 minutes) – Facilitator, Christine Heflin, Director of Performance Excellence

Ø Reports from Working Groups – Subject to Availability of Time

    ü Innovation – Co-Chairs, Robert Budens & Andy Winer

    Virtual Workspace (Audiovisual) - tentative

      Child Care/Elder Care

    Scientific Integrity Policy

    ü Metrics – Co-Chairs, Randy Myers & Bill Fleming

      New OPM guidance & report due to OPM by March 31


    Employee Viewpoint Survey (child care/elder care)

    ü Communications – Co-Chairs, Howard Friedman & Anne Rung

    Secretary Message

    Employee Viewpoint Survey


Ø New Business (5 minutes)

Ø Agenda for Next Meeting (5 minutes)

    ü Telework Policy Update

Call in number: 1-866-721-1484

Pass Code: 6358769

Next Meeting: June 15, 2011

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