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Employee Engagement Team Charter

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Our mission is to create an environment that values and supports employee engagement and promotes a healthy organization by developing internal programs and events for OHRM employees.


We envision an organization composed of dedicated leaders and employees who are committed to organizational success and job satisfaction.

    Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a measurable degree of an employee’s positive or negative emotional attachment to his or her job, colleagues and organization, which profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work.

An “engaged employee” is willing to invest all available effort, and care about his or her work, and thus will act in a way that furthers the organization’s interests.

    Team Goals and Objectives

    • Promote our Vision within OHRM.

    • Enhance communication through OHRM broadcasts and employee working groups.

    • Promote interaction and trust between supervisors and employees.

    • Promote collaborative relationships through team building, cross-functional projects and training.

    • Seek to understand and appreciate different perspectives and to address employee concerns and issues.

    • Encourage, celebrate, and recognize employees in open forums.

    • Actively solicit employee feedback; evaluate, and recommend strategies for improving employee engagement.

    • Serve as an orientation committee for new hires.

    2011-12 Board Members

      Board Chairman

      OHRM Director
      OHRM Deputy Director
      DOCHROC Director


      Committee Leaders

      Nancy Williams (primary)
      Omara Turner (secondary)


      Committee Members

      Sean Crump (Administrator)
      Cynthia Flynn
      Ronda Holbrook
      Lorraine Shackelford

    Note: Subject Matter Experts may be invited by team members to attend meetings.

    Nominating and Election Rules


    A. The Committee shall consist of at least nine (9) members, three (3) from the Chairman and six (6) from the general members.

    B. A member may not serve in consecutive years.The solicitation for new members will start 11 months after the official team is established.

    C. A member of the prior year’s Nominating Committee may serve in an advisory capacity only.

    D. The Chairman must be present at the first Committee meeting.

Nominee Eligibility:

    A. Persons nominated shall be employees of good reputation with a commendable performance evaluation and show strong and ongoing support for the organization.

    B. The nominee must have the support from his or her immediate supervisor.

    C. The nominees must complete and submit the new members’ request form.


    A. The Committee will provide a new membership form to provide sufficient information to determine if the candidate is eligible to serve on the Committee.

    B. The Committee will solicit new members no later than September each year.

    C. The Solicitation notice will be submitted by the Chairman.

    D. Nomination forms shall be submitted to the Committee Leaders.

    E. The Committee shall carefully examine the qualifications of each suggested nominee.

    F. The Committee shall prepare a list of nominees for the Chairman.

    G. If a nominee withdraws before the election is held, the Committee meets and presents the name of another candidate.

    H. The list of nominees shall be presented at the Chairman meeting for approval.


    A. The election of Committee leaders and members shall be held at the Annual Election Meeting (scheduled for November–December). Elections shall be by voice vote; however, if there is more than one (1) nominee for a position, the election shall be by ballot. The nominee receiving the majority of votes shall be declared elected.

    B. Elected members begin their duties on January 1.

    Roles and Responsibilities

Chairman – Ensure that OHRM carries out its responsibilities efficiently and that there are efficient communication channels throughout OHRM regarding the events and programs to improve the culture. The Chairman will communicate with the Office Directors on issues, resources or concerns that may need to
be addressed.

Committee Leader (P) – Understand the tasks and requirements and provide functional expertise; be honest and keep any confidential information behind closed doors; liaison between Committee members and Chairman; send reminders for upcoming tasks; provide agenda items prior to the Committee meetings; submit a biweekly status report to the Chairman; and identify the needs of the organization to promote collaboration. The Committee Leader will serve two months after the New Year to assist in the transition of new Committee members.

Committee Leader (S) – In the absence of the primary Committee Leader, the secondary leader will assume the responsibilities of primary leader. The secondary Committee Leader will serve two months after the New Year to assist in the transition of new Committee members.

Committee Members – Be committed to the team’s purpose; be honest and keep any confidential information behind closed doors; share responsibility within the Committee; share knowledge and expertise and not withhold information; complete assigned tasks by due date; ask questions (often the perspective of “new” Committee members can provide insight); and respect the opinions and positions of others on the Committee, even if the person has an opposing view or different opinion.

Administrator – Manage and maintain the distribution of information and documents presented during meetings; send any needed correspondence and e-mails to team members. Take notes and provide the minutes for each team meeting.

    Duration and Time Commitment

    Team meetings will be held biweekly; meeting dates will be pre-established for 6 months (dates are subject to change); meeting times are typically 10:00–11:00 a.m.; meeting location and agenda will be determined prior to the scheduled weekly meetings.

    Supporting Resources

    The team will need the support of the OHRM Office Directors.


    The team will deliver to the Chairman a yearly engagement action plan for activities, events and programs (by December 15). The Chairman must approve all plans for implementation.

    Note: Stress-level triggers vary by individuals and may not be solely attributed to work environment (but can be). Improving the working environment can absolutely be a factor in reducing certain stress levels.